What am I even doing with my time?

I’ve been out of school for about a month.  And I’ve been in Austin for almost a week.  So I guess that means I’m declaring that summer has finally started.  Which means, I think, that I have all this time that I should be putting to good use.  But what have I been doing?

Getting cars repaired.  First my car’s thermostat died.  I drove nearly 14 hours with my car running hot and because I’m stupid and don’t know anything about cars, I didn’t think to stop and get that checked out.  Thankfully I made it fine and everything was fixed for $200+change.

Took Josh’s car in for an oil change recently only to learn it had a handful of expensive problems to fix.  This is a car where you can’t get out of the driver’s seat without rolling down the window, so I suppose we knew it was coming.

Seems like I’m going to need to buy a new car sometime within the next few years, which is depressing, because $$ is easy to spend and hard to earn.  It’s evaporating in the heat out here.

Things I should be doing:

Working on book projects.


Playing some tennis.

Getting to the gym.

Saving money/making money.

Working on my fiction 2 syllabus.

Sending out work.

Yeah, I’ll just get back to pinterest now…